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Soil nutrients

Soil nutrients

Strongly concentrated and very complete one-component Soil Nutrition for the growth or blooming period.

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Cocos nutrients

Cocos nutrients

Strongly concentrated and very complete A&B Cocos Nutrition for the growth or blooming period.

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F1 extreme Booster

F1 extreme Booster

BAC F1 Extreme Booster is a very strongly concentrated booster and is provided with the highest quality trace elements and various sugar molasses.

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Hydro nutrients

Hydro nutrients

Strongly concentrated and very complete A&B Hydro Nutrition for the growth or blooming period.

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Are you looking for products that can stimulate or support your crop’s growth during all phases?

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Mineral fertilizer by BAC

Are you looking for plant food that stimulates your crops during the growth and blooming phases? BAC Online offers a range of the most complete types of mineral plant food.

Plant food consists of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These elements contribute to the plant’s growth, bloom and sturdiness. The elements calcium and magnesium have also been added to the product. Calcium helps to neutralise acidity, preventing the soil from becoming too acid. Magnesium contributes to the leaves’ wonderful green colour, giving the plant a healthy, rich look.

BAC Online offers a range of mineral plant food products:

What are mineral fertilizers?

Plants, just like humans and animals, need nutrients to grow and develop. And the correct quantity and ratio of the so-called NPKs is of great importance in this respect. NPK stands for the amount of Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K) in a fertiliser. Plants always need these elements to serve as a stable foundation.

Mineral fertilizers, better known as artificial fertilisers or inorganic fertilizers, do not consist entirely of natural ingredients, as they are created by means of a chemical process. However, all the elements found in mineral fertilizers are essentially natural elements.

The main advantage of mineral fertilizers is that BAC has put together several recipes to respond perfectly to specific plants’ needs. Depending on which growing medium you use, these recipes allow for highly targeted fertilisation. BAC artificial fertilizers contain all necessary elements and plants will not have to pick which elements they need. Nutrients in mineral fertilizers are almost always absorbed quicker than those in organic fertilizers.

A disadvantage of mineral fertilisers, however, is that they do not contribute to healthy soil life, because they consist of various different salts. Using BAC stimulators is therefore strongly recommended.

If mineral fertilisers are used incorrectly, salts can start to accumulate around root systems, which may damage them.

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BAC’s employees have extensive knowledge of crop cultivation, which they are happy to share with you.

If you have any questions about one of our products or if you want advice on how to use a product, feel free to contact us anytime.

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There are two main types of fertilizer: organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer. Each type of fertilizer is created in its own way, and each offers its own unique advantages. Organic fertilizer is made from plants or animals, while mineral fertilizer is created through chemical processes; however, the components present in mineral fertilizer can also be found naturally in the environment. Mineral fertilizers are composed of three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. The amount of each present in any given mineral fertilizer will be indicated by the NPK ratio on the product packaging. 

Mineral fertilizer soil
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Other nutrients may also be included in small amounts, such as calcium, magnesium, or iron. Mineral fertilizer provides these nutrients to plants in a pure form. This means the nutrients from mineral fertilizer are instantly available to the plant, and therefore can be absorbed by the plant straightaway. This differs from organic fertilizer which requires micro-organisms in the soil to first breakdown the organic matter in order to release the fertiliser nutrients. Therefore, mineral fertilizer is fast-acting, while organic fertilizer is long-lasting. Find out more about mineral fertilizer here.

Mineral Fertilizer, Application

Mineral fertilizer is typically soluble and can be added to plants while watering. Since the nutrients from mineral fertilizers are instantly available to plants, mineral fertilizer can be used to aid a plant’s development at specific moments. Alongside being generally fast-acting, mineral fertilizers offer the added benefit of being able to supply the exact nutrients a plant needs, in the moment it needs them. This means mineral fertilizer can also be used to address nutrient deficiencies in plants as and when they occur.

Mineral fertilizer tomatoes
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Mineral Fertilizer, Risks

While mineral fertilizer offers many benefits, it must be applied with a certain amount of caution. If mineral fertilizer is applied incorrectly salts can accumulate in the soil and damage a plant’s root system leading to fertilizer burn. What is more, because mineral fertilizers are soluble they have a tendency to leach into the groundwater and away from the plant. It is therefore important to add mineral fertilizer at the right time. For best results, follow BAC’s plant feeding schedule.

Mineral Fertilizer from BAC

Mineral fertilizer from BAC has been carefully researched to ensure the exact balance of nutrients a plant needs to flourish. BAC’s mineral fertilizers offer precise fertilisation of plants with fertilizer that contains all the necessary nutrient elements. BAC has developed several mineral fertilizers, with products suited to a variety of growing mediums:

  • 1 Component Soil Bloom Nutrients, for use in soil during the blooming period
  • 1 Component Soil Grow Nutrients, for use in soil during the growth period
  • Cocos Grow Nutrients, for use in cocos during either growth or bloom period
  • Hydro Bloom & Hydro Grow, for use in hydroponics systems
  • F1 Extreme Booster, for use in all growing medium 

Explore BAC’s full range of mineral fertilizer products here

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