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Bio Clone

100% natural cuttings gel For an optimum start of cutting material. Quick rooting and excellent growth.

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Leaf nutrients

BAC Foliar Nutrition ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll (green colour) in the leaf.

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Bloom stimulant

Stimulates the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium ensuring faster absorption and transport of the nutrients (K) in the plants.

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Bloom feed

BAC Bloom Nutrition is especially developed to meet all your crop needs during the bloom cycle.

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Final Solution

This BAC Final Solution provides quick fermentation of all waste around the root/root hairs.

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Funky Fungi

BAC Fungi comprises of, among other things, 4 types of Mycorrhizae.

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Growth nutrients

BAC Growth Nutrition is especially developed to meet all your crop needs during the growth cycle.

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PK Booster

BAC PK Booster has already led to the best results in English agriculture and horticulture.

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Pro Active

BAC Pro Active consists of various vegetable amino acids, vitamins and protein.

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Root stimulant

Stimulates the growth of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium for the benefit of absorbing the nutrients through the roots.

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100% natural product. Revolutionary product to improve and fasten seed germination!

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Vegan certified products

Knowledge centre

BAC’s employees have extensive knowledge of crop cultivation, which they are happy to share with you.

If you have any questions about one of our products or if you want advice on how to use a product, feel free to contact us anytime.

Knowledge centre

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