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pH -

pH -

Strong concentration of pH- for lowering the pH value.

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pH +

pH +

Strong concentration of pH+ for raising the pH value.

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Plant Vitality Plus

Plant Vitality Plus

Plant Vitality Plus can be used in every plant cycle.

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Silica Power

Silica Power

Silicon plant booster for the entire cycle. Activates the soil life and strengthens plant cells.

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CalMag 2.0

BAC CalMag 2.0 is a high-grade mix of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that ensures that the extra calcium and magnesium needs of the plant can be met. Suitable for all substrates.

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Frooting Power

BAC Frooting Power is a unique, high-phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps flowers toharden and expand.

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PH adjustment and plant growth supplements

Soil additives and soil

Soil additives can be added to the soil in order to improve the soil’s quality. The soil is where your plants live, and nothing is more important than a good base from which they can grow. Soil is made up out of minerals, organic matter, water, and air. Soil does not just anchor the plants that grow in it, it also provides nutrients and water for the plants. The quality of soil differ, but it is very hard to find soil that is naturally in the perfect condition for the plants you might want to grow. Luckily we can use additives for soil to improve soil quality. With BAC’s soil additives you can improve and change the soil’s PH value, texture, and nutritional value. Learn more about the composition of soil here.

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Soil additives and PH value

Soil additives can be used to change the PH value of the soil. The majority of soils have a PH value that lies between 3.5 and 10. Depending on what plants you are growing you might want your soil to be more alkaline or more acid. The PH level has an effect on which nutrients in the soil are available to plants. By doing a PH test you can find out what the PH value is of your soil. You can use additives for soil such as phosphoric acid to lower the PH value in water and you can use pH+  to make your soil more alkaline. 

Soil additives, Nutrients and Plant food 

Additives for soil, such as nutrients and plant food, will help keep your plants in a great condition, speed up growth, and will make them more resistant to pests and diseases. After some time your soil will run out of nutrients, or there might have been a deficiency to start with. When plants do not get enough minerals they will grow more slowly, have poor colour, and might lack flowers or fruits. Therefore, it is necessary to use soil additives to keep the nutrient levels up. At the same time, it is also important to not overfeed plants as this can exhaust the soil in the long run, especially when using chemical fertilisers. If you are in doubt about what and how to use additives for soil you can contact BAC’s knowledge centre for personal advice.

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Soil additives by BAC

Soil additives produced by BAC are well researched. We have a strong focus on organic products and understand the importance of healthy and durable soil, both for your plants and for the environment. We produce a variety of different additives for soil that all have different functions:

  •  pH+, for raising the PH value of the soil
  • pH-, for lowering the PH value of the soil
  • Plant vitality Plus, to be used preventatively against stress
  • Silica Power, for activating soil life and strengthening plant cell
  • CalMag 2.0, to make sure your plant’s extra calcium and magnesian needs are met
  • Frooting Power is a bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps flowers to harden and expand

Click here to read more about our soil additives.

BAC has a full range of pH adjusters and plant growth supplements, including: 

  • pH-- Nitric acid to lower the pH value.
  • pH+- Caustic potash to raise the pH value.
  • Plant Vitality Plus– Organic plant supplements to prevent stress.
  • Silica Power  - A silicon plant booster to activate the soil life and strengthen plant cells.

Any questions about our range of plant growth additives? 

Whether you are looking to prevent or to solve problems, we’ll gladly help you out. Browse our product range by clicking on above links, or read our blog for more in-depth information. For instance, in this blog we have written extensively about soil acidity. You are also welcome to give us a call at +31 (0)182 - 687 530, or to fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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